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5" Continental adaptor - Stove Pipe

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  • Robust
  • Adjust The Draft In Your System
  • Friction Fit
  • High Quality
  • Extremely High Resistance to heat

5"Continental adaptor - Stove Pipe

Vitreous Stove Pipe is used to connect to stove or appliance then Flexible flue liner or Titan Insulated Flue System.

This Product Allows connection to European Stoves reducing the diameter down to 116mm to fit inside the stove collar.

  • Robust
  • Friction Fit
  • High Quality
  • Extremely High Resistance to heat
Designation: EN 1856-2 T600 N1 D Vm L80060 G375 NM
Construction 1mm Low Carbon Steel - vitreous enamel coating
Fuel Type Oil, gas and Solid Fuels, for domestic heating appliances
Suitable For Condensing No
Component Type Adaptor
Building Regulations Document J
Installation Guide: Vitreous stove pipe should always be installed 3 x the internal diameter away from any combustible materials.

Stove pipe should only be used as a connection piece and never used externally on any property.

Our stove pipe has a compression fit but we would always advise to use a thin layer of fire cement on each joint.
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