The cost effective way to insulate your chimney flue liner.

Easy Installation

Flexwrap is super easy to install, simply wrap and tighten around your flexible flue liner system.

Cost Effective

Flexwrap is a great cost effective solution for your installation as there is no need to backfill your chimney.

Multiple Sizes

Flexwrap comes in multiple sizes from 1 - 4 metres so can easily adapt to any flue installation.

Technical Details

Component Product Temperature Range
Inner Cloth 200g / m² Plain Glass To 550°C
Outer Cloth 200g / m² Plain Glass To 550°C
Insulation Infill 6mm Thick (800g / m²)
E-Glass Needlemat
To 600°C
Thread Nomex Firefly 2500 To 370°C
Fastening Straps: 200g / m² Plain Glass
Fire retardant hook & loop: 50mm thick
To 550°C
To 1000°C