Why do the experts choose Weldline?
In one word STRENGTH!

Seam Welded Construction

Weldline is made with an overlap of metal which is continously welded. This creates the ultimate seal. Completely gas and water tight, yet still incredibly flexible.

Superior Quality

Weldline is built with high quality 316 grade stainless steel, which is constantly monitored for tolerance, concistency and conformance to specification.

Super Strong

When weldline is created, the joints in this high quality material are welded and a bond is formed that is actually stronger than the metal itself.

10Year Guarantee




Gas Adaptor


Gas Clamp & Plate


Gas Terminal


Gas Mesh Suspending Cowl


How do i register my liner warranty?
All Weldine liners come with a 10 year liner warranty. Your invoice confirms you purchased the liner from Turner & Wilson. Please complete the liner registration form on our website to apply for your warranty.
What temperatures will Stainless Steel Liners withstand?
The melting point of Austenitic Stainless Steels is in the region of 1300 to 1400 degrees Centigrade, varying slightly according to the precise grade. However they start to become iincreasingly plastic after the threshold point of 1000 - 1100 degrees is reached. 316 grade being is at the higher end of these spectrums. At higher temperatures surface oxidisation will cause discolouration. This usually takes place above 600 degrees. Although this decreases the life of the steel, it is usually insignificant.
Is insulation or back-filling necessary?
There are two schools of thought on this matter, both with valid merits. Back-filling with vermiculite increases the insulation, keeping the flue warm, reducing condensation with the result of improved drawing powers on the flue and perhaps extending the life of the lining. There are two draw backs to insulating. One is that the insulation must remains dry. Should it become wet then it will be worse than useless. The other is that should the lining have to be removed, then the insulation becomes a considerable problem - particularly vermiculite. Leaving the void un-insulated, however avoids these problems. True the insulation is not as good but when the installation is viewed as whole, then there is the liner, an air gap , then the masonry. Together these form a pretty good level of protection which, except in the most extreme of circumstances, is quite adequate. Removing or changing the liner is a very easy matter. On balance Turner and Wilson prefer not to insulate, but if the installer thinks it is best then that is fine with us.
Which liner should i use?
Weldline Gas (condensing and non condensing), Oil (28 seconds), Prophane, Butane
 Triplelock Non condensing Gas, Prophane, Butane and  Oil (28 seconds)
Twinflex Professional 316 Dry cured Wood and approved solid fuels
Twinflex Professional 904 Coal and coal derived products, dry cured wood, wood pellets, non condensing Gas, Prophane, Butane, Oil (28 seconds)and approved solid fuels


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Technical Details

Fuel type Gas & Oil
Diameter Range 125mm to 500mm
Inner Liner Material 0.1mm grade 316L stainless steel
Joint Method Seam welded joint system
Designations T600 P2 W Vml50010 G
CE Approved Yes
Maximum Operating Temperature 600°C positive pressure
Warranty 10 years