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The History Of Turner & Wilson

Founded in 1964 by Stephen Dacin Turner, a plumber by trade, we set about developing pre-piped modules with integrated hot water and heating appliances which could be instantly 'slotted' into the building.

After some success, in 1966 it was decided that we would begin to start exploring the possibility of making a flexible flue liner from stainless steel.

This was by no means an easy task, and one of the hardest challenges was finding a supplier who could produce a special coiled roll of steel for us. After much negotiation with numerous suppliers, we were eventually able to strike a deal with British Sheffield Steel, who back then, would only provide us with a single coil per month. By contrast we easily use a coil a day.

With supplies in place, it would be a further 2 years of product testing, research, and innovation before finally in 1968 we were ready to go to market.

That was just the beginning and after a successful decade producing flexible flue liner, the idea was put forward for a flue liner that was to be welded. By no means an easy task in the 1980s.

Faced with many a challenge, the most difficult turned out to be persuading a manufacturer to produce a special coiled roll of steel. After some trial and error, though we eventually cracked it and 10 machines later we are still manufacturing our successful Weldline today!

You could say that with over 50 years of manufacturing experience, we have produced enough flue liner to wrap around the world a few times!  

Our products are so successful, they are often imitated but never equalled.


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Unit C1 Forstal Business park
Paddock Wood,Tonbridge,


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