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Titan Twin Wall Stainless Steel


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5" 125mm

Titan Twin Wall

Flexible Chimney Liner
6" 150mm

Titan Twin Wall

Stainless Steel Twin Wall
7" 175mm

Titan Twin Wall

Black Twin Wall
8" 200mm

Titan Twin Wall

Flexible Chimney Liner

Titan DW - The Ultimate Twin Wall Flue System

TITAN DW has been designed to cover all kind of applications. Therefore the system has been tested in different scenarios to proof different combinations of temperature, pressure and corrosion resistance.

TITAN is a multi fuel, twin wall insulated stainless steel flue system suitable for all applications in negative and positive pressure, including condensing (joint seals). Designed for use with all gas, oil, pellet, wood, coal domestic, commercial or industrial appliances. Maximum constant working temperature 600° C and short firing up to 700° C with thermal shock testing up to 1000° C.


Main Features:

  • Simple open ended push-fit jointing system, secured by locking band.
  • 70 mm wide recessed locking band, aesthetically pleasing look.
  • 60 mm plugged in joint + wider locking band = better holding in horizontal runs.
  • Homogenous 25 mm high quality rigid rock wool . insulation with 120 kg/cubic meter guaranteed density.
  • Continuous insulation: No thermal bridge between inner and outer steel case.
  • Low outer case temperature.
  • Operating temperature of 600° C – Soot fire tested at 1000° C.
  • Free expansion of the inner flue liner, assuring the integrity of the flue after a soot fire.
  • Jointing system with capillary break prevents moisture being drawn through the joint.
  • Positive pressure till 200 pa with the use of joint seals in the socket of the inner liner specially designed for modern condensing appliances.
  • 3 meters freestanding above last support.
  • Lateral support every 4 metres.
  • Load bearing support every 16 metres.

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