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  1. Choose Triple-Lock for a stronger seal which is completely gas tight!

    Triple-Lock Gas/Oil Flue Liner

    Triple lock liner is the first liner we ever made and is still a firm favourite with installers. It is manufactured in the UK using high grade 316 commercial stainless steel and has been approved by HETAS.

    Our meticulous production process ensures constant monitoring for tolerance, consistency, and adherence to specifications, guaranteeing a superior quality flue liner.

    Triple-Lock features a unique joint design folded and locked in three planes, this gives these liners a strong seal, making them completely gas tight. 

    Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, our liners are ideal for lining brick chimneys, whether it's for gas or 28 sec oil fires. 

    Available in 4 diameters from 3" 80mm to 6" 150mm, Triple lock also comes with a 10 years warranty! 

    All you need for your Gas/Oil installations!

    We also offer Triplelock installation packs to make it even quicker

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  2. Which flue liner do you need for your stove installation?

    log burner fireplace

    A flue liner, sometimes referred to as a chimney liner, is essentially a flexible stainless steel tube that connects to your stove pipe, lining the interior of your chimney. Its primary function is to channel fumes safely upward through the liner, preventing their release directly into the chimney cavity.

    Flue liners serve several key purposes, all interlinked to enhance stove performance and safety:

    • Enhanced Efficiency: Insulating your chimney with a flue liner promotes better heat retention, facilitating the upward flow of smoke and reducing condensation.
    • Cleaner Chimneys: Flue liners help prevent the buildup of creosote, a byproduct of combustion that can lead to blockages and pose fire hazards.
    • Improved Safety: By containing fumes within the liner, the risk of carbon monoxide leaks and chimney fires is significantly reduced.

    Choosing the Right Flue Liner


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  3. Coming soon to the Oakleaf Stoves Collection are the Handale and Langley 5kW WIDESCREEN multi-fuel stoves!

    Handale and Langley 5kW WIDESCREEN multi-fuel stoves

    It’s time to go WIDER

    The Handale and Langley Widescreen stoves are revolutionary heating solutions with an eco-friendly design and unmatched performance, which minimises their environmental footprint.

    The widescreen glass window allows more heat to be generated and dispersed, while using less fuel making these stoves highly efficient. The built in airwash system helps to keep the window clean and clear, allowing the ultimate view of those mesmerising flames.

    Approved by DEFRA for smokeless zones, these stoves also have a clearSkies and HETAS cleaner choice certification. This means they not only meet, but exceed the current government clean air quality guidelines, making both these stoves are suitable for use in smoke control zones throughout the UK.

    These new stoves offer the perfect blend of style, efficiency, and environmental responsibility and will soon be available exclusively to trade customers only!

    Discover high efficiency, c

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  4. We've made some changes to our website, that we think you'll love...

    Online shopping at

    At Turner & Wilson, we understand that your time is precious, and we're committed to making your online shopping experience as seamless and time-saving as possible.

    That's why we're delighted to introduce some exciting upgrades to our shipping module. We've expanded our coverage for pallet charges to include more areas than ever before. This means you can now enjoy an even quicker and easier ordering process when you shop with us online.

    The good news is, you no longer need to request a price for delivery. Just add your chosen products to your basket, and when you proceed to checkout any delivery costs will be automatically be displayed.

    We also understand that life can be hectic and you may need a bit more time for those last-minute orders. To accommodate your needs, we've extended our last order cut off time to 3:30pm for Next Day Delivery. This extra time ensures you can place those urgent orders with ease, giving you the flexibility you need to

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  5. Introducing the NEW EW Vitreous Enamel Stove Pipe Range

    The NEW EW Vitreous Enamel Stove Pipe Range

    Single Skin Stove Pipe - We only select the best!

    Upgrade your installations with our high-quality, single skin vitreous stove pipe range of prefabricated Stainless Steel Single Wall flue and vent systems.

    Our range has an internal and external vitreous enamel coating to offer extremely high resistance to heat and toxic or corrosive gasses meeting with the requirements of BSEN ISO 28706 - 1:2011.

    Constructed of 1mm low carbon steel, our stove pipe is perfect for gas, oil, and multi-fuel appliances with an output of up to 50kW.

    Our stove pipes come with a convenient socket and spigot jointing system, making installation a breeze. They're leak-proof and securely sealed with locking bands for worry-free usage.

    Installation Guide

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  6. Don't miss our NEW Oakleaf Stoves Bundle Offer - Available for a Limited Time only!

    Exclusively for TRADE only - Grab this offer to SAVE £££'s Today
    Our stove bundle packs are a cost-effective solution for purchasing and installing Oakleaf stoves.
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  7. The moment we've all been waiting for - TWINFLEX PRO is finally here!

    Twinflex Pro

    The moment we've all been waiting for - TWINFLEX PRO is finally here!

    Twinflex Pro is especially designed to work with the lower flue gas temperatures produced by ecodesign stoves. Made to give, uncompromisingly, the best possible performance for both installation and use.

    Omega Lock Construction

    Twinflex Pro is inner and outer wall jointed and folded in 4 planes to give an omega lock seal, which is up to 8 times stronger than standard. There is around 20% more steel in one metre of liner than any other flue liner on the market.

    Superior Quality

    Twinflex Pro is built with high performance 316 or 904 stainless steel. The smooth inner bore allows optimum passage of flue gases and draining of condensates.

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  8. New stoves COMING SOON to the Oakleaf Collection

    The Birchley - wood burning & multifuel free standing stove

    The Birchley 5KW Woodburning/Multifuel* Free Standing Stove 

    A modern, stylish, highly efficient wood burning stove, suitable for use with multifuel when purchased with the optional multifuel kit. The large portrait viewing window gives an amazing flame and warming glow.

    Product Features

    • Multifuel Kit (optional)
    • Defra approved
    • Stunning large glass flame picture
    • Built in air wash
    • Top & Rear Outlet
    • Flue Draught Test Point
    • Direct Air Intake
    • Versatile contemporary style
    • Vermiculite lined

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  9. Titan DW - The Ultimate Twin Wall Insulated Flue System


    TITAN DW is a multi fuel, twin wall insulated flue system, available in Matt Black or Stainless Steel, Titan is suitable for all applications in negative and positive pressure, including condensing (joint seals).

    Designed for use with all gas, oil, pellet, wood, coal domestic, commercial or industrial appliances, it has a maximum constant working temperature 600° C and short firing up to 700° C with thermal shock testing up to 1000° C. 

    Benefits of a Twin Wall Insulated Flue System

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  10. Easy ways to make your wood-burning stove safer, less polluting, and more efficient

    Wood burning stove

    A stove which is improperly used and maintained can lead to increased pollution and increased risk of fire, as well as costing more due to inefficiency.

    Follow these tips to make your wood-burning stove safer, less polluting and more efficient

    Only burn seasoned wood with a moisture content of 20% or below, or use lower-polluting wood pellets, looking for the Ready To Burn logo on any purchases. If you buy wood in larger quantities to season at home, follow the manufacturers’ instructions to do this.

    Freshly-cut wood and that with a higher moisture content can cause greater heavy particle pollution and lead to the formation of tar, an extremely flammable substance which can start chimney fires. Treated wood can release carcinogenic fumes.

    While it can be tempting to pick up wood from the garden o

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