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Visa Flus Gas Collector

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Visa Flue Gas Collector

This is not a Gas Flue Box, but a flue gas collector designed to accommodate a gas fire fitted to a masonry chimney.

The Collector is purpose designed for use only with radiant gas fires complying with BS 7977-1: 2009, and used with a closure plate

  • Twin Lined System
  • Air Gap insulated
  • Aluminium Lined 
  • Zalutite Outer Casing
  • Strong rigid System
Designation: BS EN 1856-1: T250 N1 D VmL11030 0(50)
Construction Aluminium liner protected by an outer casing of Zalutite
Fuel Type IL gas vent is suitable for gas appliances, typically in domestic or small commercial installations
Suitable For Condensing No
Building Regulations Document J
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